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Patrick Hicks

In honor of one the greatest to ever do it in hip-hop, I made a mix of my favorite Dilla tracks. take a listen and enjoy! Some real gem on this one. 

Listen here:


1. Intro - Exclusive Interview

2. J Dilla - Body Movin'

3. Joey Bada$$ - Where it At

4. Rhian Benson - Say How I feel

5. Janet & Q-Tip - Got Til It's Gone

6. Slum Village - Fall in Love

7. Common - Dooinit

8. Slum Village - Tainted

9. Slum Village - Players

10. Pharcyde - Runnin'

11. ATCQ - Find a Way

12. Jay Dee - ???

13. Common - The Light

14. Phat Kat - Don't Nobody Care About Us

15. QTIP - Vivrant Thing

16. QTIP - Move (Instrumental)

17. J DILLA - E=MC2

18. Outro - Dilla Exclusive Interview