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The Future is Now

Patrick Hicks

The future is now and we need to embrace every moment. There is so much great music coming out right now and this is my way of sharing it. From new artist to remixes of old classics this mix will have you hitting the repeat button from sure.

Check it out here:

The Tracklist: 

1. Esta - Pure

2. Jeftuz - Spaced Out

3. LuxDeville- Get it Together

4. Louie Lastic - I Need Girls

5. Mr. Carmack - Humbled

6. Mr. Carmack - Birth Control

7. Pogo - Alice

8. Disclosure - Nocturnal

9. Missy x Beyonce - Temptation (Kource Edit)

10. Disclosure - Molecules

11. Astonomar - TLC Creep Edit

12. Kource - Slowmo

13. Beverlay - Typically Her (Kaytranada Edit)

14. From Love to Hate

15. Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Kource Edit)

16. Pomo - Aerobix